What’s an Indian Meal Like?


Indians love food. Traditional Indian meal has two curries, rice, and chapatti (Indian bread). Dinner may have a little less, maybe missing a curry or rice. If you are a guest, there might be dessert as well, which will be nothing like a pudding or a cake. It will be a sweetmeat or kheer (a custard like dessert usually made from rice or semolina).

The chapatti are broken into pieces by hand, and rolled a little with the fingers to hold the curry. Rice is mixed with curry or lentil (dal) and is usually eaten with a spoon.

Commonly made curries at meals are:

Potato and Cauliflower

Okra with onion

Cabbage with peas

French beans


Mashed pumpkin

Eggplant with potato

Bell pepper with potato

Mixed vegetables


Occasionally made curries are:

Spinach sauce curry


Mustard greens sauce curry

Stuffed or sliced bitter gourd


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