Pav/Bun Pav/Bombay Pav/Ladi Pav

Pav is buns made from whole wheat flour or all purpose flour. Pav are soft in texture and bland in taste, and are, therefore, coupled with spicy curry or patties. These buns are fried in butter to be had with curry (bhaji), or sliced and stuffed with patty (vada). Vada Pav (Patty sandwiched between a pav) and Pav Bhaji (Pav with spicy curry) are the most popular street food of Mumbai (Bombay), India.

For vegetarians, eggless pav buns are available. Pav can be purchased from grocery stores and supermarkets usually in packs of 6-8.

Recipes made with Bun Pav:

Pav Bhaji

Vada Pav

Misal Pav

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