Release of Indian Chaat/Street Food Recipe Cookbook by has released a cookbook Make Indian Chaat at Home by Natasha K. Johnson. The book has over 70 Indian street food recipes, from the popular samosa to the exotic baked spicy chicken tikka. If you love to have Indian food, this cookbook can save you steep restaurant bills.

What you will find interesting about this cookbook is the fabulous support it offers. Every sauce (chutney), spices and exotic ingredients in the cookbook has a link that leads to its recipe or explanation on So even if you are unfamiliar with any ingredient or wonder how to make the sauce for potato balls, you have all information you need to come up with a delicious Indian dish. Each spice is accompanied with a beautifully captured photograph and explanation. For easy buying, you can browse and buy ingredients from the Food Shop on You also have 24×7 customer support to get your questions answered.

Make Indian Chaat at Home costs $3.52 for the kindle addition. According to bigcookinghouse, the paperback will be available within two weeks. You can purchase this cookbook from

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